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Termites Cost Billions


Termite damage is estimated to be on average 5 billion dollars annually according to the National Pest Management Association of America. Termite damage is typically not covered by most home owner insurance polices. Early detection can limit damage. Spotting termites is not easy to the untrained eyes.

Here are some examples when termites may exist –

  1. Wood Damage
  2. Piles of Course Grains of Sand
  3. Mud Tubes
  4. Blistering Sagging Floors
  5. Unexplained Cracks
  6. Sticking Windows and Doors


Home Scan Pros are highly trained licensed termite inspectors who will report their findings on form NPMA-33.

Termite Damage

Termite Damage Is Expensive

Every home and commercial building should have a termite inspection.