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Gas Line Inspections


Tops Reasons Why You Should Have Gas Lines Inspected: When there is a leak in a gas line and the room begins to fill, even a tiny spark can ignite the cloud. The second reason gas leaks are dangerous is because it can produce carbon monoxide when there is incomplete combustion. Both reasons can lead to  injury, death and extensive property damage.


Home Scan Pros coordinates with a 3rd party company who are specializes in gas line pressure drop inspections, HVAC systems and water heaters. This is the only service which is coordinated outside of Home Scan Pros. If you choose to do a gas line inspection two inspectors will be onsite. A Home Scan Pro inspector who is trained to conduct radon testing, inspect for termites, and who will conduct a sewer line inspection and a gas inspector.

Don’t Take Any Chances

Gas line leaks can lead to extensive body and property damage.